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Extreme Comfort Air Conditioning & Heating has served Highland Park residents since we opened our doors in 2004. Locally owned and operated, Extreme Comfort provides AC Repair, AC Maintenance, HVAC Service, Sales, and New AC Installation for Highland Park families.

Licensed & Insured

Our team of HVAC technicians is certified and has passed background checks performed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations (TDLR).

Fast & Reliable AC Installation in Highland Park

There comes a point when repairing your AC unit is cost-prohibitive, and it just makes financial sense to replace your failing Air Conditioner with a NEW, high-efficiency system with a 10-year warranty. Extreme Comfort Advisors are trained to help explain the cost-benefit analysis of repairing vs. replacing your existing Air Conditioning System and are happy to help you examine all the options, even if that means repairing your existing system in an effort to get “just one more summer” out of it. We understand. We want to help you make the best decision for your family. Call an Extreme Comfort Advisor today for a FREE, no-obligation new system estimate.

Selecting A New Air Conditioner

Most of the time, when people refer to their air conditioner, they talk about the entire AC system, including the outdoor condenser, the furnace, and the indoor coil. These three components make up a complete Air Conditioning system.

Selecting a NEW AC System can be overwhelming, but we are here to help make it simple. There are three main areas to consider when choosing a new system:

  • Efficiency: Efficiency is measured by a SEER rating. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio and is a mathematical measurement of how efficiently an air conditioning system uses electricity. It is like a miles-per-gallon rating on new cars. The key to a SEER rating is that it measures how efficiently the matched AC system uses electricity. In other words, installing a new 22 SEER outdoor condenser into an older, existing indoor coil and furnace WILL NOT realize a 22 SEER rating. You can learn more about SEER ratings in our Maintenance Tips.
  • Features: The features available with a new AC Installation range from a conventional single-stage system to a variable-speed system that can increase your comfort and reduce your energy costs.
  • Budget:  We are very respectful of the fact that you work hard for your money, so we always have your family’s best interest in mind when we make repair or replacement recommendations. If you have a budget in mind, we will always try to work within those parameters.
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    Do you have an Air Conditioning Emergency in Highland Park?

    If you are experiencing any of the air conditioning issues described below, call Extreme Comfort right away, and we will dispatch an AC Repair technician to help fix your problem.

    • Unusual or loud noises from your outside AC unit or your Furnace:  A properly functioning air conditioning system will make a smooth, consistent noise when it is running; however, clanking or banging sounds coming from your system is an indication of a loose or damaged part.  This issue needs to be addressed IMMEDIATELY.  Failure to repair a damaged part could lead to a more costly repair or total AC system replacement.
    • AC Blowing Hot Air:  The first sign of trouble usually appears when your AC system is no longer cooling and only blowing hot or warm air.  Most of the time, this is a very simple refrigerant or Freon issue that can be easily fixed with an AC repair service call.
    • Leaking Air Conditioners:  A little condensation around your outside AC unit on a humid day is not unusual; however, standing water or pebbles collecting under your HVAC system can be a sign of a refrigerant leak that may need repair.  With the price of refrigerant (Freon), the sooner a leak is fixed, the less expensive the AC repair will be.
    • Unresponsive Thermostat:  Is your thermostat blank or reading 72°, but your home is hot and humid?  This is a sign of a failing thermostat, but the good news is it is usually a repair that can be quickly managed.
    • Unpleasant Or Burning Smells:  Burnt wiring is a sign of a potentially dangerous issue that could lead to an electrical fire.  If you smell something burning coming from your air conditioning system, it is critical that you shut off your AC system immediately and call for emergency service.

    Save Money With Preventative Maintenance

    There is a reason that manufacturers require annual check-ups to keep your warranty valid; they know that a properly maintained AC system will often outlive the warranty as opposed to a system that goes unchecked year after year.  Therefore, air conditioning and heating system check-ups twice a year not only help maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, but they will help identify minor problems before they become expensive repairs.  You can rest easy as the heat of the summer melts Highland Park, knowing that your investment is protected by the Comfort Club.

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    About Highland Park, Texas

    Highland Park

    Highland Park, Texas, was settled 1887 around Turtle Creek and Preston Road, where development began in 1907. In 1913, Highland Park requested annexation from Dallas but was denied. In 1915, with a population of 1,100, Highland Park was incorporated.

    Highland Park, TX, has a current population of around 9,000 residents.

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    Professional Athletes

    Highland Park High School has produced some of the NFL’s and Major League Baseball’s best and most successful athletes, including Super Bowl-winning quarterback Matthew Stafford from the Detroit Lions and Las Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Dodgers Cy Young Award Winning Pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

    Park Cities, TX

    Park Cities, Texas, refers to the two boarding cities of Highland Park and University Park in Dallas County, Texas.