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When it comes to furnace repair in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, look no further than Extreme Comfort HVAC. With years of experience and dedication, residential property owners trust us with their HVAC service needs.

AC repair service call coupon from Extreme Comfort HVACCommon Furnace Problems

1. Blocked Air Filter

A common furnace issue is a clogged air filter. Regularly checking and changing your air filter can prevent more significant issues.

2. Blower Motor Failure

If your furnace’s blower motor is malfunctioning, you might not feel the warmth you expect.

3. Faulty Flame Sensor or Gas Valve

A faulty flame sensor or problematic gas valve can lead to an ineffective heating system. Keep an eye out for a pilot light that frequently goes out.

4. Heat Exchange Concerns

Heat exchange problems can lead to poor heating and, in extreme cases, carbon monoxide release. This is why regular furnace maintenance is vital.

Why Choose Extreme Comfort HVAC for Furnace Repair?

•Timely Repair Service:

You want immediate assistance when your furnace stops working, especially during the cold Dallas winters. Extreme Comfort HVAC gives you a prompt service call to address your concerns.

•Quality Replacement Parts:

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We understand the importance of having a reliable HVAC system. That is why we only use top-quality replacement parts, ensuring longevity and efficient functioning.

•Expertise in Both Heating and Cooling Systems:

While we excel in furnace repair, our expertise also extends to air conditioning and heating. Trust us to understand the intricacies of your entire HVAC system.

•Safety First:

With concerns like carbon monoxide related to furnace malfunctions, you want a team prioritizing safety. Extreme Comfort HVAC ensures all repairs, especially those involving the heat exchange, gas valve, and pilot light, are conducted safely.

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    Furnace Repair by HVAC technician in Dallas, Texas metroplexAnnual Furnace Maintenance is Key

    Did you know that annual furnace maintenance can prevent many typical furnace issues? A regular check can ensure that potential problems, from a blocked air filter to a malfunctioning flame sensor, are identified and rectified early. Plus, with annual checks, you can rest easy knowing your furnace is operating efficiently and safely.

    Consider joining the Comfort Club to receive semi-annual HVAC maintenance check-ups that will help keep your heating and air conditioning system working properly.

    Contact Extreme Comfort HVAC Today 

    Whether you need immediate furnace repair in Dallas or are considering establishing an annual furnace maintenance routine, Extreme Comfort HVAC is here to help. Our dedicated team, commitment to using only the best replacement parts, and extensive knowledge of heating and cooling systems make us the ideal HVAC contractor for all your needs.

    Remember: When your furnace stops working or shows signs of wear and tear, don’t wait. A timely service call can prevent more significant issues down the line. Choose Extreme Comfort HVAC, where quality service and your comfort are our top priorities.

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