three men voiding their air conditioning unit warrantyHow to void your hvac warranty

New air conditioning and heating systems usually come with a manufactures warranty that homeowners feel will protect their investment for the coming years.  However, there are things that a homeowner can do, or not do, that could void your warranty.

System Registration

Registering your system with the manufacturer after installation is important.  If you do not register your HVAC warranty with the manufacturer within a specific time (often 6 to 12 months), your system may not be covered.

The DIYer

When one component of an HVAC system stops working, many homeowners order a replacement part and fix it themselves. Unfortunately, though, a DIY repair job could void the system’s warranty. Most HVAC manufacturers require approval for all repairs, which must then be performed by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Annual Maintenance

Some people think that a air conditioning and heating system is self sustaining and only needs maintenance when it begins to fail.  Unfortunately from a warranty standpoint this is not good practice.  Annual maintenance or service check-up from licensed HVAC contractor is sometimes necessary to keep a warranty valid.

Improper Installation

If your heating and air conditioning system was improperly installed or installed by a non-licensed contractor, your warranty will probably not be honored.  A reputable HVAC contractor will always provide a city permit for all installations.  A permit will ensure your city or county inspector will be certifying the work after installation is complete.  Only a licensed contractor can pull an HVAC city installation permit.

Check with your Manufacture

In any case, read the warranty documentation that accompanied your system or contact the manufacturer for details of proper maintenance procedures.

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