Ceiling fans circulate air, so make sure they are clean.

dusty ceiling fan maintenance tip from Extreme Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating

Although ceiling fans are often in motion, they do pick up a lot of dust along the way, so keeping them clean will help keep the air in your house free of particles.

However, cleaning ceiling fans presents a challenge. Sure, ceiling fan dusters make the task easier…but simply standing underneath the fan and dusting can result in dust particles falling through the air (and onto you).

Legal Disclaimer:  Before you start, turn off the ceiling fan and wait for the blades to stop moving completely. Attempting to clean the ceiling fan while it’s on may lead to injury or throw the ceiling fan off-balance.

Once the fan blades stop moving, you’re ready to start cleaning.

Use a ceiling fan duster

Using a ceiling fan duster to clean ceiling fans requires minimal effort, but doing so can make a mess. Make sure to go slowly and stand away from the fan blade you’re cleaning so you don’t dump dust on yourself.

Lay down a sheet before starting to protect your floors from dust, or hold the vacuum tube close to the fan blade you are dusting to catch falling particles.

Use a pillowcase

Another way to minimize dust falling is to use the pillowcase method:

  • Climb a ladder until your head reaches about one foot above the ceiling fan blades.
    • Cover a ceiling fan blade completely with the pillowcase.
    • Pull the pillowcase back slowly, trapping the dust in the pillowcase.
    • Repeat the process on each fan blade.
    • If any dust remains on the fan blades, follow up with a clean cloth.

When you’re done, shake the pillowcase (and cloth, if needed) outside or in the trash to remove the dust. Throw the pillowcase in the washing machine.

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    Use a vacuum attachment

    If you don’t have a spare pillowcase or a ceiling fan duster handy, you can use your vacuum’s extended attachment to clean ceiling fans.

    Use a ladder to get to the fan’s height. Stand back from the ceiling fan blades, keeping the vacuum attachment at arm’s length.

    Run the attachment along the fan blades, moving slowly to pick up all the dust. Drag the attachment in a straight line down the blade, repeating as many times as necessary to clean the blade.

    Don’t try to get all the dust at once by moving the attachment back and forth across the fan blade, as this can cause dust to fly into the air.

    Follow up by vacuuming the floor to pick up any dust that fell.

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