The Annual Breathe Easy Filter Event – $69* (reg $99)

18 Point Heating System Check-Up Plus Filter Replacement

Poor indoor air quality is one of the top causes for respiratory issues.  The easiest way to improve the quality of the air you breathe everyday in your home is to change the air filter in your Heating and Air Conditioning system with a new, pleated air filter.

We will conduct an 18 point Heating System check-up plus replace your standard 1” air filter with a high quality 1″ pleated filter.  (4” Air pleated Filter plus 18 point check up…$79)  Other size filters call for pricing.

* Residential customers only. Includes standard 1” pleated air filter. 4” Air Filter plus 18 point check up…$79. Other size or custom filters, call for pricing.    Additional fees may apply for rooftop units. Expires 2/28/2017

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18 Point Heating System Check-Up

(Service time:  approximately 60-90 minutes)

  1. AIR FILTER – Clean or replace air filter, and inspect air return for air restrictions.
  2. THERMOSTAT – check for properly set temperatures.  Adjust if needed.  Calibrate thermostat if possible.
  3. BLOWER MOTOR – Check motor amperage and compare it to motor ratings. Oil motor if needed. Check to ensure proper motor speed.
  4. RUN CAPACITOR – Check micro farads. Recommend replacement if not within 10%. Check for oil leaks or voltage drop. Replace if leaking or bad.
  5. THERMOCOUPLE – Ensure the thermocouple is in its proper position. Look for signs of deterioration or crystals that may be starting to develop.
  6. BURNERS – Check for a solid blue flame. If orange or yellow flame appears, look or cracked heat exchanger, dirty burners or poor exhaust flow.
  7. HEAT EXCHANGER – Examine heat exchanger for cracks or signs of stress or fatigue. Shut down unit if you suspect that there may be a problem.
  8. GAS LINES – Inspect all gas lines for possible leaks. Use soap and bubbles and check commonly known areas where leaks often do occur.
  9. SAFETY CONTROLS – Check door safety switch and sequence of safety operations. Also check on all other auxiliary safety devices.
  10. INDOOR COIL – Check if possible to make sure there are no air flow restrictions. Check for leaks that may decrease system performance.
  11. DRAFTING – Check to ensure proper flame. Check for rust or blockage. Check operation of draft motor.
  12. LIMIT SWITCHES & FAN CONTROL – Check fan control for proper cut-in and cut-out. Disconnect the power to blower and test upper limit switch.
  13. PILOT / IGNITION SYSTEM – Check for flame quality and roll out. Look for hard ignition or any signs of delayed ignition. Check warm up time.
  14. DUCTWORK – Check both the supply and return air ducts at machine’s connections. Check for separated or collapsed air ducts.
  15. HEAT STRIPS – Check sequencers, fan control, safety controls, limit switches and element connections. Check amperages throughout.
  16. CRANK CASE HEATER – Use amp probe to ensure the crank case heater is functioning. If it is not, oil may foam and reduce compressor viscosity.
  17. DEFROST CONTROLS – Try to send unit into defrost to check its function. Inform occupant of what they can expect during defrost.
  18. SPLIT TEMPERATURE – Take split temp to measure efficiency. Poor split temps indicate bad strips, dirty filter or blocked coil.
How often do I need to change the air filter on my Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System?
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Building Permits

We always pull permits on new unit installation which means your city or county inspector will be certifying our work after we are done. Most HVAC companies don’t want to pay this expense, we do. It is important to us that you are confident in choosing Extreme Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating to serve you. 

Click here to view the number of permits pulled in your area of Dallas.

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TDLR Certified

Extreme Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating employs technicians certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations.  TDLR regulates contractors who install, repair, or maintain air conditioning, refrigeration, or heating systems.

You can take extreme comfort in knowing that the technicians you are inviting into your home have passed background checks performed by the state of Texas.