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Save $500 off* Attic Insulation Installation

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Warm Up With Instant Attic Insulation Savings

Save as much as 50% on Energy Costs

Most attics over 8 years old are under insulated due to poor workmanship and settling.  According to The Department of Energy, a properly insulated attic can shave 10% to 50% off your heating and cooling bill.

At Extreme Comfort, we are so committed to insulation excellence that we blow-in attic insulation using the InsulMaxx 4000 for maximum coverage and maximum energy savings.

How Does It Work?

It’s simple.  Once an Extreme Comfort Adviser inspects your attic and measures the area to be covered with additional insulation, our team will efficiently blow in an additional 12 inches of insulation into your attic; in most cases within a few hours.

Why 12 Inches?

12 inches of additional insulation equals an R-Value of R-30; the recommended amount of insulation for the Dallas, Texas Metro-Plex. 

How Can We Offer Such Big Rebates?

attic insulation at Extreme Comfort

Power buying from our distributors affords us to purchase attic insulation at discount pricing which allows us to pass those savings on  to you.

*Minimum insulation purchase of 1000 square feet.  Add an additional 12” inches (r-30) to existing attic.  Attic area to be insulated must be accessible.  Accessibility and area must be verified with prior onsite inspection. Offer expires 3/31/2018